It was quite difficult for me to sketch out a review on Boom beach. This game has given me a lot of things, and most of them are positive. I was not that of a huge fan of combat game before. But this game changed the concept to a completely new level, and now if find it to be quite a promising game to pass my free time. Starting from building defensive buildings around headquarters to create a strong troop, I had so much fun in every activity, I was assigned to. And not, at this present moment, I stand as a proud owner of my troop.

It was surprising for me to start this round of Boom beach first. I was not much into this game before, so my sister had to somewhat force me to play it. And I am so glad that she did that, and I cannot thank her enough for what she did. Playing this game taught me to maintain a good team, and even ways to make them stronger with every round I play. My main motto was to add as much trophies as I can in my kitty, and make my team strong. I had to dedicate a lot of time in creating my troop, and I am glad to do that.

When I started playing this round of Boom beach, I was invited with so many features, around here. I got the opportunity to play with millions of other players, around here. Not only that, but I was even invited with hundreds of strong enemy bases over here, for the loot. I had to battle to take complete control of the precious resources. These resources were expensive and are mandatory to upgrade my current base against some energy attacks. So I had to play my game right, in order to prevent others from taking the resources but me.

I was even given the opportunity to explore the vast archipelago. Every time I entered for a new round of game, I was invited to a brand new layout in this vast archipelago. It was something new to me, and I realized that this game was not just about strength, but even about using your grey cells correctly. So, I was never bored to death, when I start paying this game. Even after so many years, I still have the same zeal and excitement when I log into this gaming module. I feel once again like a child.

I would like to thank the entire developing and programming team for helping me out with this significant success rate of this game. And I would even like to request them to upgrade the game, whenever possible. The latest update was made in this year and it came up with so many new weapons and more. And with more upcoming years, I would like to request them to add more creativity to this game. I try to use some guides, as less as possible, and that makes me different from other players.